Hyper Realistic Concepts

Concept #1: Walking on Wall St. w/Dogs

In this concept I would like to add cartoon dogs painted by the late artist Keith Haring to a picture of people on their way to work on Wall st. While the people are walking dressed in suits, these painted dogs will appear walking next to them. I choose Wall street as the background because, even though this would be a surreal occurrence, the people would be walking along side these dogs as if nothing abnormal was happening.

Concept #2: Too Busy Tweeting

In this concept, I would like to add a twitter birds on top of peoples¬†phone saying what they are tweeting or taunting them. I would like to depict people¬†that are too busy looking at their phones to actually see the birds sitting on top of their phone. This is a concept that I think points out how much people are engulfed into their phones in today’s society.

Concept #3: Kanye West’s Conscious

In this concept, I would like to show Kanye West during his speech where he said he would be running for President in the year 2020. I would like to put the bears that he used on his album covers as his good and bad conscience.

Concept #4: Chef Bronson

In this concept I would like to depict one of my favorite rappers either cooking or surrounded by food. He is a rapper and professional chef but eats very unhealthily so I wanted to depict him cooking or laying in junk food.


Concept #5: Diced Pineapples

In this concept, I would like to depict drawn fruit. I would like a realistic fruit drawn on paper by real hands.