Mc Escher x Supreme

I found this post the most interesting of all that I’ve done because it features an artist that we’ve become quite familiar with over the course of this semester. Maurits Cornelis Escher was a Dutch graphic artist born in 1898 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. His work featured an array of mathematically inspired ideas including hyperbolic geometry, tessellations, stellated polyhedra, symmetry and impossible object optical illusions.

M.C. Escher creates detailed and surreal illustrations that became his definitive style. Though popular among mathematicians, scientists and in popular culture, Escher never found critical acclaim in the art world as his work was considered too intellectual. Today, M.C. Escher’s illustrations are some of the most recognized in the world.

This spring/summer, Supreme has worked on a collection featuring artwork by M.C. Escher. The collection features many items of which I will be trying to buy. This post was so interesting to me because Supreme is actually my favorite streetwear fashion brand and I own many of their pieces.

This collection will be available in the NY, LA, London and Paris stores, as well as online this Thursday May 4th.


The Stigma of Tattoos

This video is extremely interesting and cool. I liked and choose this video because it shows pictures of heavily tattooed ex gang members without their tattoos. It also shows the way they react to seeing themselves. I found this extremely interesting because this is a prime example of photo manipulation and photoshop. The artist was able to remove the tattoos from his subjects bodies without altering their person. This is incredible and shows what you can do with some skill and knowledge in photoshop.


Pen & Pixel

I found these album/mixtape covers from southern music that was put out in the late 90s/early 2000s extremely interesting. I would like to know exactly how these cover arts were made because I doubt photoshop was used to comprise many of them. Alot of these works depict real people along side very animated or munipulated images. I know many of these artists look back today and just laugh at their old music covers.

Tibeb Girls

I found this post extremely cool! The pictures shown here are of the Tibeb Girls, a new Ethiopian set of superheros which will begin airing on the television channels in their country. The Tibeb girls are a new action-drama show about three young girls who use superpowers to fight the injustice and oppression Ethiopian girls routinely face. This cartoon is based off of the power puff girls and is meant to help build confidence and show Ethiopian girls that they can do great things. This country has undergone years of patriarchy and hopefully being that we are in the 21st century this cartoon will help girls and women realize the greatness within themselves now that the country is becoming more open and accepting of the females role in society.


XO Tour Life

I found this video to be extremely cool. This is an animated Grand Theft Auto inspired music video to a popular artist named Lil Uzi Vert’s song XO Tour Life. It amazes me how the animator of this video was able to put this video together. He did this on his free time to add to his portfolio. The video which is 3 minutes was made completely from scratch. All of the animations, the characters and motions that happen in this video are completely made up. I was shocked by the way he was able to make the characters move. I am not sure if any of this was made in photoshop but it is extremely cool none the less and I’m sure it must’ve been time consuming. Hope this artist goes far in his career.

Hulk Puppet Warp

This video that I stumbled across trying to do my motion graphic project is extremely cool. It showed me how to move an original picture to make a gif and change the limbs of an actual picture. The artist used different layers to make a moving hulk picture. He turned the image he started with into a gif by using a time line to create an animation.

Polygonal Jordan 1’s

I liked this picture so much because it reminded me of the polygonal piece that I did for my cubist piece. I found it so cool because on top of this being my favorite pair of sneaker, the art has more of a 3D element and I would love to learn this skill. I’m not sure if this was done in photoshop or illustrator but it’s dope none the less. zHUITCB

Sneaker Characters

I found these different sneakers made and transformed into different animals and characters pretty cool. The illustrator who does this is @JCOLEGRAPHIX. I’m a sneaker fanatic and I find it pretty cool to see him turn hyped sneakers into cool characters with so much detail from each shoe. The owl design is my favorite. 13741101_1033374640080006_1167965424_n-1024x1024imageJ-Cole-Graphix-01Popular-footwear-reimagined-by-JCole2-600x600Popular-footwear-reimagined-by-JCole3-600x600Popular-footwear-reimagined-by-JCole4-600x600

Fader Magazine

I find the magazine covers of the FADER magazine extremely interesting. FADER is one of my favorite print publications. I own many of these magazines and wanted to bring some light to the cool covers that this publication uses of many of my favorite artists. The quality of photography for these shots is also pretty cool as well.

Akinseye Brown

After googling some pretty cool illustrators I have come across the work of an artist that stood out to me. Akinseye Brown is a freelance illustrator who highlights African people with his illustrations. I found his work incredibly interesting because he works to depict African people as superheros. This is very uncommon as there aren’t many black superheros. He creates short stories about these heros and comic books for kids to read to help inspire the youth in a positive way. His work gives children a different perspective then they are use to and helps spread a positive message. Here is some of his work and at the bottom I have included some of his work, his tumblr and twitter pages.