Tips Photo-shopped Album Covers

These two pieces of art were very interesting to me because they are pictures of my friends Mixtape covers. My friend Jae Tips who I’ve always looked up to because of his style and creativity, had pictures of him photoshopped to use for his music projects. The covers of these mixtapes use his portraits with different parts of sneakers painted on to his face with what looks like the brush tool in photoshop. I would like to learn how take a picture and merge it onto an already existing portrait or image.


Jxxnz Character MashUps

I found this artist named Jxxnz.jpg the other day and his work is pretty dope. I actually ordered a print of one of his illustrations to hang up in my bed red. I’m really interested in illustrations and this is a skill I would like to learn. Here is some of his work. I ordered the picture of the Bape logo in the BBC helmet for my room! 🙂