Akinseye Brown

After googling some pretty cool illustrators I have come across the work of an artist that stood out to me. Akinseye Brown is a freelance illustrator who highlights African people with his illustrations. I found his work incredibly interesting because he works to depict African people as superheros. This is very uncommon as there aren’t many black superheros. He creates short stories about these heros and comic books for kids to read to help inspire the youth in a positive way. His work gives children a different perspective then they are use to and helps spread a positive message. Here is some of his work and at the bottom I have included some of his work, his tumblr and twitter pages.



Tumblr: http://akinseyebrown.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sokoyaprod?lang=en


Boogie Closing Down it’s Offices


The link above interests me alot because it is about my college friends mulicultural marketing agency. My friend Jacques began his own marketing agency, boogie, while we were in college in Albany. Since he began his own agency, the agency has grown tremendously. He started the agency by taking a risk and he has been very successful ever since. He has worked with many companies such as the NBA, SUNY system, yogibo, Kinky Curly, and more. He has employed many students and let some of my friends work with him or intern for the company. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAvKAAAAJGJhNTFiNmE4LWE2MTYtNDAzNy04YWZlLWYxNGMxMzFhZWNkOQAAEAAQAAAAAAAAwuAAAAJDhmNzllYTg2LTBjOTYtNGI1YS1hY2Q0LTE4OGQ4Y2JkNzY2OQHe is now shutting down his 3 offices in Troy, NY, Brooklyn, NY and Los Angles, CA. He is letting his employees work remotely giving them the ability to travel and work from home. This is the kind of company that I would like to work with because of the benefits that the company gives its employees. He has learned that in turn by letting his employees work from home, they have been even more productive. This is so dope to me and I hope you all enjoy it.

Cost of Living in Medellin

I found this video extremely interesting because it compares the cost of living in Medellin, Colombia to the cost of living in New York. This video was so interesting to me because I was just looking at marketing companies that hire people remotely this morning and coincidentally I came across this YouTube video with a guy who works remotely from his marketing agency. I am actually traveling to Medellin for my birthday in November so hearing these prices made me even more excited about going on my trip. Marketing and advertising are the fields that I would like to explore once I gain some experience and being able to work remotely from a company in the U.S. is something that is very important to me. Having this luxury would give me the opportunity to travel and live anywhere in the world and being that some of the places I would like to travel have a very low cost of living it would make going to these places extremely easy. The prices in this video are extremely cheap.

Polygonal Style Video

The video above is pretty much how I figured out how I was going to complete my cubism project. This video showed me how to properly use the polygonal lasso tool and showed me how to properly use the ruler inside of photoshop. I found this video extremely helpful because polygonal images are usually created in 3d software. This video showed me how to create a polygonal image properly and use the method to transform the same polygons that I created and filled with the average filter on to both sides of my images face. This helped me cut my project time into half.