Mc Escher x Supreme

I found this post the most interesting of all that I’ve done because it features an artist that we’ve become quite familiar with over the course of this semester. Maurits Cornelis Escher was a Dutch graphic artist born in 1898 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. His work featured an array of mathematically inspired ideas including hyperbolic geometry, tessellations, stellated polyhedra, symmetry and impossible object optical illusions.

M.C. Escher creates detailed and surreal illustrations that became his definitive style. Though popular among mathematicians, scientists and in popular culture, Escher never found critical acclaim in the art world as his work was considered too intellectual. Today, M.C. Escher’s illustrations are some of the most recognized in the world.

This spring/summer, Supreme has worked on a collection featuring artwork by M.C. Escher. The collection features many items of which I will be trying to buy. This post was so interesting to me because Supreme is actually my favorite streetwear fashion brand and I own many of their pieces.

This collection will be available in the NY, LA, London and Paris stores, as well as online this Thursday May 4th.