1. My first concept was a cubist picture of the Monalisa portrait painting by Leonardo DaVinci. I wanted to merge all of the pictures that I found in order to make a made up picture of the Mona Lisa.

  2. My second concept is a cubist picture of a tiger. I wanted to merge real life still with paintings and drawings to give the tiger a cool look.
  3. My third concept is to make a collage of an already cubist picture drawn by George Condo. The different drawings merged together would make for a cool face.
  4. My fourth concept is to make a cubist picture of the logo of the brand Bape. I would like to merge real pictures of apes and different paintings and aspects of the brand original logo to make a cool cubist design.
  5. My fifth concept is to make a cubist design of Super Mario. I would like to make a cubist portrait of super mario at his different levels. I wanted to merge parts of his as a baby, a drawing, and different stages of him being a cartoon.
  6. My last and final concept was to make a cubist design of Spiderman, Venom, and Carnage. I think merging together pictures of these three characters would be cool because they are different versions of each other. They have similar body types and this would be a cool picture.